"A message from Zion Pastor Tommy Willcockson:"


The sermon texts you will find in this archive sprang from my desire to take ancient Scripture--and to see how we might apply it to our lives in this place and this time. 


These texts are "as intended" but not necessarily as delivered. Some thoughts may have been added or left out in the moment. 


You will find that I do not always take MYSELF seriously. My sermons contain humor, gestures, voices, and even some acting (thus the "stage direction" you will sometimes see in brackets)--all in an attempt to get the point across as best as I can. 


The Scripture texts are from the "World English Bible"(a good translation--but mainly chosen because it is in the public domain). 


I hope that you will read these sermon texts in the spirit they were intended--and I pray that they might help you on your journey. Please honor my time, research, and intellectual effort by not reproducing these texts other than for your personal use. (Exodus 20:8)

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